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The Golf Industry's DEI Initiative


Make Golf Your Thing is a collaborative effort across the industry to ensure the sport is welcome to all. This multi-faceted, multi-year movement works to invite more people to golf from all backgrounds. 

Six cross-industry work groups are committed to making the sport more diverse, equitable, and inclusive, with a specific focus on education & skill development, talent acquisition, procurement, human resources, youth & adult player development, and marketing/communications.  





Responsible for attacking golf's culture at the point of play, and operationalizing inclusion.

The Inclusion Guidelines for Golf Facilities were created by the PGA of America and implemented at TPC properties across the country. 

There remains a continued focused on finding more facilities and operators to adopt the practices of the inclusion guidelines and bringing awareness to the DEI resources they've made available. 

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Works to identify, attract and engage more talent from diverse backgrounds.

The talent acquisition group launched a "Careers in Golf Workshop", awarding four students from Albion College and Howard University a four-month internship. 

Another priority for this group centers around launching an industry-wide job board to provide golf industry employers and potential job seekers with a turn key resource for finding and attracting talent. 



Aims to diversify golf's $84 billion industry supply chain through inclusive procurement practices.

Through the creation of a dedicated diverse supplier database (VRA Connect), more than 1,500 diverse owned businesses (to-date) are actively participating in the program geared toward sourcing goods and services from businesses owned by minorities, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, veterans, and those with disabilities.

Building on this success, the procurement work group is focused on creating vendor utilization standards, increased training, and improving awareness of the database. 



Charged with developing human resource policies, protocols or programs that promote diversity, equity and inclusion across golf industry employers.

The human resources work group recently facilitated an industry-wide employee survey to better understand the composition and sentiments of golf's workforce. More than 2,300 industry representatives from 35 different organizations participated. 

Workplace Inclusion Survey Executive Summary

Workplace Inclusion Survey Full Results

Key survey findings are being disseminated within the industry, and efforts are underway to create an HR/Workplace toolkit for shared "standards of commitment", and developing a universal dashboard to track the composition of each employer's workforce and their employee's sentiment. 



Works to bolster community-based programs that are authentically engaging consumers from diverse backgrounds.

Focused on supporting community-based programs and consumers, the youth & adult player development work group created the Grassroots Grants program. Phase I of the program distributed $150,000 to 43 grassroots organizations committed to exposing underrepresented groups to the game. 

Coupled with expansion of the Grassroots Grants program, a second initiative is centered around the development of a location-based directory of these golf programs for consumers of all abilities wishing to participate further in the sport.

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Works to establish one unified voice to grow interest in golf participation.

To understand the success of messaging around Make Golf Your Thing, a pre and post launch survey was conducted, along with a targeted advertising campaign to a non-traditional golf audience, and a geo-framing study to examine consumer behavior. Initial results demonstrated an overall positive reaction to the brand's messaging. 

This group is focused on promoting all other work groups under the Make Golf Your Thing banner, along with making improvements to the industry toolkit. An additional priority includes a continued focus on targeted marketing and communications initiatives to non-traditional golf audiences.