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Since 2000, the American Golf Industry Coalition has commissioned Economic Impact reports at various times to understand the economic, charitable, and human impact of the industry. 

The most recent study was released in conjunction with 2023 National Golf Day, and reflects golf's footprint in America in 2022. 

An Executive Summary and the Full Report can be found below. 

Executive Summary

Full Report


$226.5 billion

Total economic impact of golf in America (direct, indirect, induced impacts).

$101.7 billion

Total size of American golf economy

$4.6 billion

In 2022, more than 141,000 charity events were held at golf courses around the country. With 80% of facilities hosting at least one event.

1.65 million

Jobs impacted by golf in the U.S. Including more than one million tied directly to the golf industry.

$80.1 billion

Total wage income for nearly 2 million U.S. jobs within the golf industry.

$31 billion

Total golf tourism related expenditures produced by the golf industry.

$7.2 billion

Total amount spent on golf supplies (off-course retail outlets)

510 million

Total rounds of golf played in the U.S. in 2022.

25.6 million

Total number of on-course golfers who played at a green grass facility in 2022.


 Number of U.S. golf courses at 13,946 facilties (73% of which are open to the public).


Percentage of golf facilities in the U.S. that are open to the public.

41.1 million

Total number of Americans who participated in some form of the game in 2022. (on and off course)


Average cost to play a round of golf in the U.S.


Playing golf at least once a month improves health and lowers risk of death among older adults (according to a study from ScienceDaily).

8 out of 10

U.S. golfers who play at public access facilities.

7 to 10

Golf courses in urban areas provide valued green space, accessible outdoor recreation and are typically 7-10 degrees cooler than their surroundings.



A Unified Voice


At the start of the pandemic, the coalition mobilized and coordinated an effort to protect golf as an approved outdoor recreation activity amidst the early pandemic mandates. This was achieved by successfully contacting every governor's office and explaining the inherent social distancing benefits golf provides.

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